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The AEGIR Strategy

Today the company offers an energy-based investment strategy which encompasses our core values and trading philosophy – namely a focus on absolute risk-adjusted returns. We understand perfectly well that all investment strategies will face unhelpful market conditions from time to time and that a key ingredient to investment management success over the medium-long term is a risk management structure that focuses on containing downside in such markets



The AEGIR Strategy is a fully systematic strategy, focusing on relative value/arbitrage opportunities in exchange-traded energy markets.


The Jaguar AEGIR strategy is significantly more flexible than standardised long-only instruments since it has the ability to run long/short futures and seize market opportunities as they arise. All trading is executed and cleared across recognised exchanges and there is no OTC exposure. Instruments traded include exchange-traded futures, forwards and options.

There is no outright short option exposure.

AEGIR: Myth, Norse; a sea-jӧtunn associated with the ocean