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Who We Are

Jaguar Investments was incorporated in the UK in March 2002 by Colin O’Neill and Tony Coote and today consists of a team of commodity specialists and is a team built on trust and experience and it is a team that shares a common goal of excellence in the field of commodity investments. The three portfolio managers have over 80 years combined commodity trading experience and at Jaguar this experience is married to extensive proprietary databases and on-going research initiatives encompassing the changing world and role of commodities.

Colin O'Neill
Founder and Director
Tony Coote
Founder and Director

Colin began his career at N.M Rothschild and Sons as a bullion trader in 1986, initially trading silver before moving across to work on the fledgling bullion derivatives desk. After 7 years, Colin then moved to J.P Morgan to work with the bullion forwards and options team. After a short while he moved across to manage the base metals trading desk with global responsibility for futures and options trading across all industrial metals. In late 1996, Colin moved to Standard Bank where he was responsible for all base metals trading.

Colin co-founded Jaguar Investments in 2002.

Tony began his career at Johnson Matthey, before moving to N.M Rothschild and Sons as a bullion trader in 1986. Tony became senior trader, running the gold trading operation and chairing the London Gold Fix before he moved across to develop their Foreign Exchange trading operation. In 1995 Tony joined Colin at J.P Morgan with a specific responsibility for Aluminium and Nickel trading. In late 1996, Tony moved to Standard Bank where he was responsible for all Aluminium and Nickel trading and also responsible for building the banks commodity client base.

Tony co-founded Jaguar Investments in 2002.

Jagjit Manhas
Portfolio Manager

Jagjit Manhas graduated in 2005 with a first class (Honours) BSc degree in Software Engineering. His final dissertation was centred on Artificial Intelligence.

Jagjit began his career as a software engineer and worked for multi-national companies, including Sony Ericsson, Sony and EDS (eventually acquired by Hewlett Packard). Jagjit had always maintained a keen interest in financial markets and in 2008 decided to switch across to the financial sector, joining Oak Capital Management. Having built an automated market making model he transitioned into a quantitative trader role, developing, testing and executing alpha generating quantitative strategies in the energy futures space. Throughout this time he was constantly evolving his models and creating new trade opportunities using artificial intelligence methods and incorporating genetic programming. In the depths of the financial crisis, Oak Capital closed in 2011. Jagjit retained complete ownership of all aspects of the models he developed, and having briefly joined a couple of smaller brokerage houses, Jagjit decided to open his models to external investors.

Jagjit joined Jaguar Investments in 2015.